Owner FAQs

1Can I still use my home?
Absolutely! Even better, you’ll get hotel quality experience for free as an owner. We’ll just determine the ‘owner dates’ prior to every season and ensure those are reserved for you
2How do you afford to do everything without charging me a fee?
Our main goal is to optimize the experience for vacationers. We ensure pricing and occupancy are maximized and can provide a better value to owners because of the resultant increase in revenue.
3When will I be paid?
Owners are paid monthly in even increments across the rental season starting May-1.
4Who will be my point of contact?
Del Mar Vacations will assign a local Home Operations Specialist to manage all aspects of your home and communicate issues accordingly. You will have one phone number and email for all requests.
5Will I get to know how much revenue my home generated
Owners will receive a bi-annual report on the health of their home, anticipated projects and the investments that have been made. Del Mar Vacations does not share its financials as we are a private company with competition. Owners will have clear visibility to their guaranteed payments on Monthly Statements as well as the value investments we make into your property.
6What if I currently use a realtor
Del Mar Vacations has many Realtors who refer guests to our properties. Frequently, new properties undergo a transition period where the Realtor continues to provide guest referrals and receive the same fee they have in the past.
7What if I have repeat guests or family I want to ensure get their weeks of rental?
We love repeat guests and family! Invite them, block the dates & share the pricing arrangement. We’ll take care of everything from there.
8Will I own all the new furnishings and upgrades?
Our investments in your home that are not fixed continue to be our property (e.g. towels and comforters). If we co-invest in capital improvements you maintain the benefit and increase in value to your home (e.g. painting)
9How do I become a Private Portfolio Member?
Private Portfolio membership comes with exclusive benefits for these homeowners. If you elect to invest in a vacation home, and have Del Mar manage it, we’ll guide you through the buy, manage, and sell process while maintaining a partnership throughout.
10What about liability?
Liability is addressed the exact same as if you were renting the home yourself. Your standard home insurance covers any risks related to injury or damage on the property. Del Mar does manage a security deposit process to ensure guests care for properties and damage almost never occurs. The company has it’s own general liability policy.
11Do you allow anyone to rent my home?
Del Mar conducts an extensive screening process which may include: LinkedIn, Facebook, email, phone, payment verification, and occasionally photos with background checks. Guests under 25 are not authorized to rent any of our properties. Groups and celebrations like weddings are always discouraged.
12What if I like doing some of the maintenance and gardening
Some of our owners enjoy working on their homes too. We won’t stop you- but we’ll be there in partnership to help ensure it is professionally done.
13How do Delmar Vacations ensure I get more income from my property than if I list it myself?
We make it our business to optimise your listings with professional photos, paid advertising, copy writers and listing optimisation. Once the bookings start flowing in we also manage the reservations and payment collection to maximise profit and save you time.
14Will you maintain the property while you manage it?
Yes, we cover annual opening/closing, cleaning between guests and basic maintenance under $100. We also ensure the trash is taken out and the grass is mown so you can rest assured your property will be in a great state.
15Does Delmar Vacations offer any entertainment subscriptions?
We know how nice it can be to stay in and watch your favorite shows after a long day exploring Cape Cod so all homes get access to Apple TV or Chromecast , HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime.
16What can guests expect from us?
Concierge, Check in and out. Laundering and Key exchange.
17Do you offer any Security for the properties you manage?
Depending if its applicable we can provide fire alarms, remote heating control, guest verification and check ins, as well as access control.
18Apart from bringing me income will Delmar improve the state of my home?
Off season check ups and watch, safety inspections. We even do interior design and renovation reports to advise on where you can make improvements. As we are a local company we can also recommend and co-ordinate trusted contractors.